Mangalore Tiles Roofing


Mangalore Tiles are the oldest and the most popular tiles favourite since ages because of their nostalgic & evocative use in heritage buildings and the peculiar pattern. Many a magical structures can be created by using this versatile Mangalore roof tile with channels and angles by fabricating in steel. In earlier times the wood was used for this purpose. But as the time passed the cost of the wood became increased and the versatility and the availability of the steel fabrication increased.

Mangalore tiles are made by passing unprocessed clay through a refinement procedure where the clay is first poured into moulds until its shape is formed. Then they are trimmed to the right sizes and afterwards put through an intense heating and glazing process. Enamel is applied on the tiles for colouring before they are put through through firing. Mangalore tiles are majorly used in roofing of buildings and are especially great for residential areas. Experts also advise that they are used when constructing sloping roofs to enhance their corrosion-resistant properties.


  • Energy Insulation
  • Eco Friendly
  • Economical
  • Fire Resistant
  • Temperature Regulation