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A metal roof could be a roofing system made of metal items or tiles characterised by its high resistance, impermeableness and longevity. it's a element of the building envelope. Zinc, copper and steel alloys ar unremarkably used.

Originally, metal roofs were fabricated from furrowed galvanized steel: a molded iron–steel sheet was coated with atomic number 30 and so roll-formed into furrowed sheets.

Metal tile sheets can even be used. These are sometimes painted or stone-coated steel. Stone coated steel roofing panels area unit made up of zinc/aluminium-coated steel with AN acrylic gel coating. The stones area unit sometimes a natural product with a coloured ceramic coating. chrome steel is an alternative choice. it's sometimes roll-formed into standing seam profiles for roofing; but, individual shingles also are offered. alternative metals used for roofing area unit lead, tin and aluminum and copper.

On hearing the word metal roofing it is understood by many that it is just a place for storing goods. But metal roofing plays a vital role in Industries. Most of the industries are facing difficulties in storing their goods safely. Such difficulties can be avoided by concentrating more on the materials used for roofing. Either be a place for storing goods or place for active work environment a better roofing system is more essential. In cities like Chennai, it is very difficult to store goods in metal roofing due to anger of the Sun in summer season and ferocious monsoon during raining season. Metal roofing contractors in Chennai is a better option to face such challenges. Roofing Sheets and sections are the two forms of metal roofing in Chennai. Metal Roofing Sheets are always available in standard sizes whereas sections are customized.

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