Tensile Roofing


We are leading tensile structure roofing contractors in Chennai. It is an innovative idea of structuring and roofing. These structures add a beautiful look to the project. These structures are constructed outdoors like hotels, malls, resorts, stadiums, auditoriums, swimming pools, car parking, etc. These structures require low maintenance cost and it is very easy to clean. The flexibility of tensile is high so that it can meet the need of clients.

A tensile structure is most often used as a roof, as they can economically and attractively span large distances.

Advantages of Tensile Structures

  • Shelter of environment (sun, rain, wind)
  • Translucency in general, possibilities to design light effects
  • Light weight & Durability
  • Endless form possibilities, catching character
  • Short building time, off site manufacturing of structure, less site interruption time
  • Large spans
  • Recyclability and Eco friendliness
  • Adaptability to exciting building technologies (steel, glass, cement, stone)
  • Simplicity of maintenance & Easy repair or replacement