Badminton Court Contractors

We are the leading Badminton Roofing Shed Manufacturers in India. We do our work with highly advanced processes at our efficient manufacturing unit so that we can offer a perfect Badminton Roofing Shed. This roofing shed is manufactured by vendor’s experts utilizing the finest grade material and cutting-edge techniques as per the international standards. These roofing sheds stand high on weather resistance, corrosion resistance, durability, and strength. Our roofing shed is inspected on various quality parameters to deliver a defect-free range.


Benefits of Badminton Court

  • Standard badminton courts are rectangular fit as a fiddle, with a full width of 6.1 meters and a full length of 13.4 meters. They are isolated into two parts by a net 1.55 meters high.

  • Badminton courts are normally set apart for the two singles and duplicates play, except for some outlined exclusively for singles matches.

  • Like a tennis court, every 50% of a badminton court contains a left and right service box. Be that as it may, in badminton, these containers are situated at the back of the court, not at the front on either side of the net.

  • Every half likewise contains a short service line 1.98 meters from the net and, for copies coordinates just, a long administration line 0.76 meters from the back limit. In singles games, the long service line sits on the back limit, while the sidelines diminish the width of the court to 5.18 meters.

Our Designs

Our designs are engineered and built to meet or exceed wind load requirements, depending on the location of the project, when expecting adverse conditions. Metal sheet awnings and canopies do not have such requirements when preparing for a storm. We offer accessories that can be incorporated into the design of any metal sheet awning or canopy that can maximize the use of your outdoor area. We offer our design-build package. We handle all the details under one roof. Call us for a free estimate.


If you own a company, address any commercial roofing problems that occur promptly. After all, your roof protects your buildings, facilities, products, and investments; contact a roofing contractor in the Bay Area and quickly solve problems to reduce damage. This is the time to work with a commercial roofing specialist from the Bay Area-don’t try to go it alone.

Leaks Over

When it comes to your roof, leaks of any sort can be a problem. Be diligent about constructing a barrier that stops water from intruding and from entering your building when repairing your roof.

Tenting for

If your roof is not properly or securely linked to the building substrate, tenting can occur. Single-ply style roofs are roofs that are most susceptible to tenting.

Defective Installation

The first time a roof is poorly installed, it may come back to haunt you later. The way a roof is installed correlates directly with the roof ‘s potential for problems and lifespan.

Lack of Treatment

A lack of care or maintenance is another common problem with commercial roofs. A neglected roof can be a safety risk; routine inspections of the roof can ensure that you do not have accidents or problems later.

Shrinkage Inside

Roofs, especially single-ply types, are vulnerable to shrinkage. This can build a breech that enables water to enter and cause damage.

Pooling With

Water pools spell trouble for a roof, particularly if for more than 48 hours it is present or standing. The excess weight of the roof water can pose issues that result in costly damage to the water. It is likely that pooling water is a sign of a bigger issue.

Punctures Inside

Punctures on the exterior of the roof are a common problem that, if caught early, can be easily repaired. In the future, one way to prevent this is to avoid walking as much as possible on the roof.

Security in Safety

When it comes to a roof, protection is still an issue that can be troublesome. Slips and falls are frequent; be alert and vigilant about who you allow to enter your roof and always use a professional’s services over a layman.

Issues for Repair

ou could call another contractor to fix the problem for you if the repair was not done properly the first time. Improper use of materials can manifest in irreversible damage; make sure only the best is employed.

Bubbling and Blistering

In certain types of roofs, in particular single-ply systems, blistering is often seen. It can be fixed, but when building some new roof to prevent the problem in the future, it merits close attention to materials.

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