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Prefabricated sandwich panels known as PUF or polyurethane panels include strong polyurethane foam, which is renowned for its exceptional strength and insulating qualities. Usually, steel, aluminium, cement, MDF boards, or a combination of these materials make up the panel surface.

Why PUF panels are used?

Insulated panels made of PUF, or polyurethane foam, are completely environmentally benign and resistant to corrosion and other kinds of physical stress. The PUF panels are affordable, simple to maintain, and prevent corrosion in machinery so that it can last a long period. The PUF panels are top-notch goods.

Best-in-class PUF panel features

  • Improved acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Energy conservation for significant economic gains.
  • Offered in infinite dimensional configurations.
  • High load bearing capacity and long lasting durability.
  • Superior resistance to vapour and water.
  • Options for flexible design.
  • Simple installation and little maintenance needs
  • Ready to use and attractive in appearance PUF roofing sheets.
  • Used to replace masonry with Structural Insulation Panels (SIP).
  • Lifetime guarantee for weatherproofing.
  • Superior flame resistance with self-extinguishing qualities.
  • Panels made of polyurethane foam insulation are completely eco-friendly.
  • Resistant to fungi, termites, physical damage, and corrosion.
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